Mesquite Straight-grain Veneer
Mesquite Straight-Grain Veneer
Mesquite Eye burl-Veneer
Mesquite Eye-burl Veneer
Welcome to Texas Mesquite Lumber. You have happened upon what we believe to be the premiere place on the World Wide Web for Texas Mesquite Lumber and mesquite products. We specialize in Texas Mesquite. We provide rustic, 1 common and better grades of this hardwood according to National Hardwood Lumber Association grade rules. We stock 1/42" mesquite veneer as well as other thicknesses of sawn veneer.

All items are of the highest quality. Please take your time and see what we have to offer. There is a place for your comments, which we happily welcome at any time. If we have something that piques your interest, please contact us or complete one of our forms. Many of our products are ready to ship. Others are special-order and will require a little time. All inquiries are answered as quickly as possible. We are in the process of creating a data page for each product we manufacture. Please check back later for these new pages.

Since all special orders are unique we handle these requests personally and individually. Orders may be placed from this WEB site or by Email, telephone, postal mail, or fax. Architects, interior designers, home builders, and other commercial applications are welcome to use our special forms for ordering. The general public is welcome to use our standard order form.

All order requests will be followed up with a telephone call as soon as possible. As you can see in the picture we can get a bit busy. Quality woods require a little time for consideration. The perfect cut is a rare thing. Let's all enjoy the true art of mother nature.